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Aspiring actress Vicky Pryce is, essentially, an affirmation-chanting doormat.
With a roommate who’s trying to “nice guy” his way into her pants, a fuck-buddy that’s more interested in followers than a relationship, and a controlling stepsister walking all over her aspirations to be a legitimate actress, it's no surprise that Vicky can’t catch a break in Hollywood.
But, one night - Vicky’s luck changes, for better, or ... for worse. After a creepy douchebag harrasses her on the street, she SNAPS
and shoves him off her… into the path of an oncoming truck!


Suddenly, Vicky’s a killer. But instead of shame or guilt, a repressed, psychotic fury bubbles to the surface, taking on the form of a rude, trash-talking Beanie! 
Yes, we mean a talking hat that claps back. Hard.
Beanie acts as the devil on Vicky's shoulder. And with no angel in sight, Vicky exacts her revenge on all those who've used and abused her, exposing them for the dirtbags and hypocrites they truly are. With each shithead Vicky sticks it too, she discovers more of her inner power and her authentic self.
Unfortunately, there’s a reason Vicky’s anger was repressed. Like a bloodthirsty snowball rolling downhill, Vicky's rage grows until she succumbs to her homicidal urges, taking to the streets in a murderous rampage that culminates in a blood-soaked nightmare. And by that we mean a show-stopping musical number!
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