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Gabrielle Walsh, a series regular on NBC’s “Found”, is a professional actor and screenwriter from Chicago. After completing her conservatory training which included a year abroad at the illustrious Moscow Art Theatre, she moved to LA and quickly amassed TV credits including  “Shameless,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “9-1-1". Continuing her training with legendary acting teacher Eric Morris, Gabrielle is committed to applying her tremendous range towards going down the rabbit hole with Vicky.



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Marc Lareaux

Shane West broke through in ABC's Once and Again (1999) and then appeared in Liberty Heights (1999) and Whatever It Takes (2000). He starred in the hit teen romance A Walk to Remember (2002), played Tom Sawyer in the action film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), and then depicted the short life of musician Darby Crash in the biopic What We Do Is Secret (2007). From 2010 to 2013, he starred as Michael on the show "Nikita" (2010), and since 2014, has played John Alden on the show "Salem" (2014).


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Los Angeles

Attached Crew

Greg Aronowitz

Special Effects Supervisor

Reynaldo Rodriguez Photo_edited.jpg

Photo by Jeff Daly

Reynaldo Rodriguez


Shameless (2020), Ballers (2019), Insecure (2018).

Robbie Teehan Picture_edited_edited.jpg

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Robbie Teehan

Score Composer

Photo from IMDB

Tico Herrera


Snowfall (2023), Shameless (2020), Apocalypto (2006).

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Kris Zimmerman

Voice Director

Greg Aronowitz Picture_edited.jpg

Pictured w/Monica May "Battle Planet"

A New York based actress, writer and producer, Erin Anne MacDonald hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After studying musical theatre at The University of Miami, she moved to NYC to pursue a career on the stage, but soon discovered her love for film, both in front of the camera and behind it.   She currently has several other pilots and features in development. In her free time, she uses her built-in radar that finds the nearest thrift store to buy vintage dresses she doesn't need.

Credits: "Care" (executive producer, writer, actor), "Wild Men"(actor), "Vetted" (actor), "Nightbirds" (actor), "Harlem Knights" (writer, producer, actor.)

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